Poster Dimensions

Posters will be up for the entire meeting, and poster presenters are expected to be present for the entire session that their poster appears in. The suggested size is A0 (ISO 216) or size E (ANSI). Your poster should be no larger than 110cm wide by 120cm high (approx. 44'' x 48'' respectively).

Elective Oral Presentation

Also note that this year, contrary to previous years, 2 posters will be selected (through an elective process) for oral presentation during the last session of the conference. Each elective oral presentation will be allocated a 20 minute slot. The actual talk should run for 10 minutes. Contrary to standard Podium presentations and due to the time-contained nature of the last oral session, the Elective Oral discussion will not be open-ended but limited to 10 minutes. Please notify the organisers if you want to forfeit this opportunity.